Process of providing Vietbis printer rental service

Ngày đăng : 13/03/2020

With a team of experienced and skilled technicians, Vietbis commits to offer the most speedy and effective solution under any circumstances for the printer rental service

Step 1

Customers contact Viet Bis Hotline (024) 7303 1068 with printing issues.

Step 2

Viet Bis receives information and dispatches technicians to the customer’s location.

Step 3

The technician arrives at the customer's location within 30 minutes, and proceed to check printer’s condition before performing required service.

Step 4

Based on actual condition after checking the printer, the technician quickly comes up with the optimal solution.

Step 5

Carry out the required tasks to bring printers back to the optimal and stable condition, assuring print quality meets the needs of customers.

Step 6

Service handover and acceptance with customers