Printer lease for event and exhibition - Rent a printer for your event

Ngày đăng : 21/06/2021

Planning for an event can be very exhausting. It is challenging to keep everything runs smoothly all the time. Therefore, let’s Vietbis and our printer rental service help you to lessen the burden.

Rent a printer to stay on budget

Why investing in a new printer for just a short period of time while you can rent a printer? With just 150VND/page, toner refilling, or any further maintainance, repairing expenses are also INCLUDED.

Rent a printer to be worried-free

Planning for an even or exhibition can be extremely exhausting. There is a lot of work to do for an event. What if the printer suddenly doesn’t work or there is paper jam in the middle of the event? Printer rental would help you not to worry about such problems and focus on other things. Our team will always make sure that the printer runs smoothly and will help you immediately when there is any problems.

About Vietbis

Vietbis proudly introduces our printer rental service which would fit everything you need. Our package is affordable and covers any repairing, maintainance fees and toner will also be included. Moreover, our printers are from various brands for you to choose from and they are high in quality. It is also our responsible to provide you aftercare while you are using our service. This would to make sure when there is any problems with the printer, our team will be there to help.

Contact Vietbis for more information. Hotline 0971 491 492

Vietbis's printer at Vietnam Airline's event in Hanoi: