FAQ about Vietbis printer rental

Ngày đăng : 29/04/2020

Could I rent a printer for a day?

Yes, Vietbis could get you a printer rental for a day or more. Contact hotline 0971 491 492 to get more information about rental price

How does it cost to rent a printer for each month?

You can get your price quotation in HERE. Either chatting with us or contact directly via Vietbis hotline to get more information

Does your rental price include the cost of toner, paper and other consumables already?

Our rental price includes the cost of toner, all consumables except paper

How’s the quality of your rental equipments?

Most of printers, equipments we offer have good quality, stable performance, high capacity, and 95% - 100%

If the printer has any problem during printing operation, would Viet Bis provide support in time?

If you have any problems with our printers, you could contact technical support hotline immediately noted on the sticker of our devices. For easy-to-handle issues, our technician will guide you through phone call or Teamview immediately. If it is unable to handle it, they will be on your site to address the issue directly

If the printer fails to repair within 2 hours, it will be replaced with another equivalent one.

Could I rent printers for a fair, a conference, or a sporting event?

Yes, of course. Vietbis specializes in providing the printer rental for events such as a fair, a conference and a sporting event

I need to rent printers for my event, does Viet Bis have an on-site technician to ensure the printing of my event wouldn’t be interrupted?

Depending on the number of rented machines, the equipment installation location, Viet Bis will have a plan to arrange on-site technicians to promptly support customers as quick as possible.

If your copy/printer usage exceeds what we are using, can we upgrade?

If the printer doesn’t meet your office's print productivity at the moment, we would give you a higher capacity and return the previous one.

Do you offer on-site printer rental services for constructions, companies of engineering, project building,...?

We specialize in providing A3 printers to print AutoCAD, photocopiers for construction, electrical and mechanical companies and constructions in Hanoi.

For short-term printer rental, you need to pay a returnable deposit and get it back when your rent finishes

For long-term rental (1 year at least), you wouldn’t pay a deposit if your payment of 6 months is completed in advance to rent the printer

However, Viet Bis still have another flexible plan for you renting a printer without a deposit or paying in advance. Contact us to get more details.

Is toner cartridge always available at my place?

Yes, we always serve 1-2 toner cartridge at your place, you can replace new cartridge right away when the printer runs out of toner.


My event needs more than 10 printers to rent, could Vietbis provide the number of our requested printers?

Yes, we can offer your event up to 50 printers. Contact us via hotline (024) 7303 1068 – 0986 794 786 to get more information.

If I get a long-term printer rental, would I have any good offers?

If you prepay the rental fee for 12 months in advance, you would get a free-month. Besides, every month we still have some promotions of the printer rental service. Hit “Like” and “Follow” our fanpage to miss nothing new and suitable for you.